Australia’s own female version of John Edward, Carmel Wright passes on the messages from both sides connecting people with friends, loved ones and relatives that have passed over.

Carmel is a nationally acclaimed Medium and Clairvoyant and has, for many years, written and published articles regarding her work with the Spirit World. Part of this work involves helping Police with missing persons and murder victims.

Known as ‘The Lady that Speaks with the Dead’. Carmel’s main work is providing messages from relatives (now in Spirit), to help people move on from their grief and finally have closure.

She has been doing public speaking at group venues for many years now. Carmel performs her own live shows, where she brings messages through from ‘The Other Side’ for her audience.

Also available for private Clairvoyant Readings on the Gold Coast. She is well known for her reliable and accurate predictions.

Delivering Messages of Love from people on the Other Side

Phone Carmel on 0422 226 134 to book your reading today!

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