A Brand New Pair of Football Boots

Sometime last year I was at a Spiritual church meeting and a man walked up to me with a lady on his arm and said “This is Carmel. She will be able to help you.” Back then I just didn’t know how profound his words would be, and if this was the last message I ever gave from Spirit, I would be truly satisfied how I helped this lady move on from her pain and grief.

This woman called Vai had lost her husband very suddenly 18 months before, and other than seeing Vai and her son Adrian at church I knew nothing of her circumstances or how her husband passed over. This is a part of Vai’s message to her husband Bill and what transpired after the channeling message touched everyone’s heart, mine included.

Vai and her son Adrian gave me this message for Bill “We want to let you know we still love and miss you very much.”

Bill’s reply was…
“Well can you tell them that I feel exactly the same way about them, although it’s a lot easier for me I guess because I’m here in this beautiful place now, and I have got all the answers to why we had to be separated in this way. I am still watching over my beautiful family, more so now because I know how to guide them better from here. We rode through a few storms together because not too many thought we were suited. But we were suited alright.”

(Vai said this was so true because her and Bill were both from different cultures and backgrounds, and everyone was worried it wouldn’t work)

Bill went on to say:

“I must reassure you of one thing though Sweetheart, and that is up until the time it hit I had no idea what happened. One minute I was just minding my own business then Wham, it hit and I found myself in this glorious place. So don’t go back to the time it happened thinking I must have had pain. I had nothing Sweetheart.”
(Vai said Bill was walking up the beach from a swim when he had a massive heart attack, and her biggest worry was if he suffered a lot of pain.)

Bill finished his message by saying:
“I will always be watching over you and my Beautiful Boy. I love you Sweetheart, both of you. I can still love you just as much from here you know.”

About two months after receiving her channeling message from Bill, one night Vai woke up to find her son’s light on at midnight. She asked Adrian what he was doing and he said “I’m writing a letter to Daddy, so you can give it to Carmel.”

A few days later I gave Bill the message from his son which in part said “I love and miss you Daddy. I’ll be nine soon but I’m very lonely since you left because I don’t have anyone to play with now.”

Bill’s reply was:

“Yes, well isn’t that the message of all messages. Adrian, when you get older I know Mummy will show you this message from me again, and you will read it through different eyes. But for now I want you to know that just because you don’t see me like before, I am still very much your Daddy and still looking after you from a different place. I can do that you know. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is for me to see you play football. By the way Son, when you play next year you will be playing on the Wing where you are best suited.”

After Adrian’s message I asked Vai where he plays football and she said “He doesn’t play football Carmel, in fact he doesn’t play any sport.”

That message was done as I said last year sometime, and recently I bumped into Vai and Adrian at a large shopping centre. Vai had lots of parcels and said “We’ve been shopping,” she took out one parcel and said, “Guess what is in here. Adrian, show Carmel what we just bought.” Sure enough there was a brand new pair of Football Boots.

Vai said to me “Guess what position they have put him in, Carmel?” and I said “On the Wing, Vai.” “Yes, just as Bill said, he is playing on the wing.”

To see the difference in this lovely lady and her son now, compared to when I first met them, makes me realise just how wonderful my work is and I am so grateful that I can heal in this beautiful way.

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