A Message of Love from a Son to his Mother

A ‘Message of Love’ from a Son to his Mother

The only thing we can be assured of in this world is that at some stage we are going to die. Death is such a tragedy, it can often pull families apart due to one’s degree of grieving. This is one such story of Kai and her son Anthony and it is quite simply just another of the many case histories that greet Carmel Wright every week.

Anthony, your mother Kai misses you very much and would like to know if you are happy.

“Yes, I am very happy and could you tell her I miss her but I’m really happy now. I don’t want her to keep grieving for me the way she is, because I see her and I feel quite helpless because that’s not what I want for her.”

“Could you tell her I’ve found my peace here and what happened to me had to happen for a reason, Could you please tell her my Hi-Fi should almost be worn out by now the way she uses it.”

“Tell her I’m watching over her always and I don’t think she should go to my grave site so much because I have moved on from there and I don’t think it’s good for her to do that so often. She thinks that will bring me closer to her but I know it’s not doing her any good. Mum, I want you to be happy and I need to know that you’ll do what I’m saying because I am really where I belong now.”

“I love you Mum and could you tell Jason to get on with his life too, because what happened to me had nothing to do with him. Mum, I’m so pleased this lady has given me the chance to finally tell you that I’m happy and that you must let go of all your sadness. If you knew how happy I am here you would be laughing all day, not crying. Please mum, do this for me because I have to know you will understand it was my time to come here and learn what I have to do.”

Anthony, can you identify yourself to your mother?

“Yes, I can do that. My little blue cap that I had at school is still in the same drawer where I left it. Mum hasn’t touched it. In fact I think it’s nice for you to have some memories mum but you are still holding onto too much that won’t be needed anymore. Have a clean out mum, because no matter what you do or where you go just know I love you and you were the best mother in the world. Keep my blue cap though mum, I’d like you to keep that. I love you mum, but you must also move on now, it’s time.”
- ANTHONY. (He said, ‘Could you put some kisses?) xxxxxxx

Carmel then asked Kai for some confirmation and feedback on the channelling. These are the results:

  • Kai was grieving so much for her son Anthony, she went to the cemetery every second day for five years.
  • Kai kept Anthony’s stereo and used it almost every day.
  • Jason is Anthony’s brother, he asked if he could have the stereo, but Kai said she would never part with it.
  • When Anthony was overseas his letters to his mother always included lots of kisses.
  • Anthony’s little blue school cap was still in the drawer in his room.
  • Anthony passed over aged 34 from Meningitis.
  • Kai sent a message to tell me she has found her peace now, and only goes to the cemetery once a month.
  • Her family said to thank me because they now have their mother back.

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