Amazing Grace

Because of this channelling work I do and my close contact with the Spirit World, I am often asked to give talks about what I do at different spiritual churches around the Gold Coast.

Back in March, a lady I had come to know through these spiritual meetings asked me if I would contact her son Rick for her.

Even though I did see this lady called Meryl at different church meetings, at the time I did the channelling message for her son. I had no idea that Meryl was a singer and entertainer, or anything about the circumstances surrounding her son’s death, but after the message Meryl told me that Rick died in a car accident 30 years ago at the age of 18.

I have always said Spirit never cease to amaze me, and that is so. This is a classic example.

One of Meryl’s questions to Rick was: -
“Did you know you were going to pass over?”
Rick’s reply was: -
“The accident wasn’t really an accident, everything happens for a GOOD reason and I was prepared for my journey. Right at the end I ‘KNEW’ I was going because I found this information and insight and calm that I was going on a journey and not to be frightened. So I did as I was told.”

Meryl also asked Rick: -
“How do you feel about me singing again, and what was the song you wanted me to learn to sing?”

Rick answered his mother by saying: -

“Mum, if there is something I’m so happy about receiving this beautiful message from you it would be to answer this question for you. Of course you should sing again, and of course you will sing again, for me. I want you to sing AMAZING GRACE for me Mum. I know it’s been done hundreds of times but I want you to know I will be standing beside you when you sing that song next. There’s not one particular song I want you to learn, but I do want to hear you sing AMAZING GRACE for me and be filled with Love and Exhilaration when you do. No Sadness.”

Now – Remembering I did this message in March, unbeknownst to me, a month before in February Meryl was asked to sing AMAZING GRACE at Rick’s Auntie’s funeral.

Meryl told me (after the channelling) that she was under enormous pressure at the funeral and when she sang it she was awful, worst version of AMAZING GRACE she had ever sung, so much so she told friends she wouldn’t sing again.

As soon as Meryl told me what happened with that song at the funeral I understood, and so did she, why Rick wanted her to sing that particular song (he knew what happened that day and he wanted his mother to keep on singing).Not long after receiving her message from Rick, Meryl and I found ourselves at the same church meeting and when they played AMAZING GRACE I looked at her and she looked at me, but we were at opposite sides of the room.

Then as if by fate the same scenario occurred a few weeks later, only this time we were standing next to each other.

As we started to sing the first few lines of AMAZING GRACE Meryl said, “Is he here Carmel?”
I said I didn’t think so, then all of a sudden I knew someone was with me. The energy was so strong. Then I heard a voice say loud and clear “I am here Carmel. Can you tell Mum this one’s for me.”

How Meryl and I got through that song I’ll never know. It was one of the most touching moments I have ever known. Just knowing what Rick said in his channelling message, then following it up by coming to me in church He didn’t come to me the first time Meryl sang AMAZING GRACE because Meryl and I were at opposite sides of the room.

Rick waited for the right time when we were next to each other, so his mother would know he was standing beside her when she sang that song knowing I would relay his message back.

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