Bill’s Third Anniversary

Something very touching and incredible happened to me and one of my clients this week. I’ve always been told by my guides that Spirit are very clever and I know that, but sometimes this work I do with my Spirit friends just blows me away.

A few days ago I just happened to run into this former client call Vai, and at first it just seemed quite incidental until our stories unfolded before us, and then quite out of the blue I received a message from Vai’s husband Bill (in Spirit now).

I had already channelled a message from Bill eighteen months previously so Vai already had that inner peace that her husband was indeed OK. But even with that knowledge and wisdom there are still days that are so hard.

Vai and I had run into each other at a very large shopping complex, and as we sat there over coffee she mentioned that it was three years to the day that Bill had died so suddenly of a massive heart attack after walking up the beach from a swim. She had just been out to that same beach and put some flowers there for him.

I do see this lady now and again at different Spiritual Church meetings, and every time I am talking to her I feel her husbands’ presence and energy around us. But of course my work is mainly as a Channeller – I go to the Spirit world for messages, rarely does Spirit use me as a Medium.

As we sat there I was telling Vai how I had been to this shopping centre the previous day and very rarely do I go there two days running, but I had this strange driven desire to go back and check on a jacket I had seen the day before. I just couldn’t get the jacket out of my mind and knew I had to go back and see it again. Not only did I see it, I bought it and as soon as I walked out of the shop I ran straight into Vai.

As our conversation progressed I was astonished to hear this message come through…

“Carmel this is Bill. Can you tell Vai I don’t want her to be sad, and thank you Carmel for looking after her and my boy. Tell Vai I love her and one day we WILL meet again. Vai I’m always close by and you know this is all real by Carmel’s work.”

I sat there holding Vai’s hand, but I was still quite stunned that Bill actually spoke this time, and ofcourse Vai was sitting there with tears streaming down her face because of the message I had just given her.

After we both settled down Vai told me when she dropped her son Adrian off at school that morning that he said to her “Dad’s here with me at school” and Vai replied “Well tell him to go to the shopping centre because I really need him today.”

Exactly one hour later Vai and I ran into each other at the shopping centre.

When the complete story unfolded – what Adrian had said at school, Vai’s reply, Bill’s third anniversary, and me and this great desire to get back to that shopping centre for seemingly no good reason – it was then it all clicked.

As soon as I returned home that day I received a message from my Spirit Guide Cathy.

She said…
“You pieced together the chain of events that were said and occurred, and realised it was Bill that sent you to check on that jacket again so you could give Vai his message. I told you “We” here in Spirit are clever, but so are you to put the jigsaw together.”

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