Carmel and Cathy – A Bond Like No Other

For those of you that don’t know me my name is Carmel Wright and I am a Channeller and Medium, located on the Gold Coast, Australia. Most days my work involves giving messages to your relatives and loved ones that have passed over and are now in Spirit, and passing on messages from them to you. In order to do this wonderful work I need my guides to show and teach me how to do this.

This is a beautiful story about my guide Cathy…

I first met Cathy in 1995. She was a very well known and respected clairvoyant here on the Gold Coast, and I went to her for a reading. From that very first meeting, Cathy and I became very close and spent a lot of time together, especially on Sundays, that was ‘our’ day. On this particular Sunday I wasn’t feeling very well so I called her to say I couldn’t make it. In the meantime Cathy rang another friend called Barbara to say “Carmel can’t make it, will you go to lunch instead?” On that same Sunday afternoon my phone rang and it was Barbara calling to say Cathy had died. She had passed away in the Gold Coast Hospital at 2pm from heart failure.

That was many years ago.

Cathy and I weren’t apart for very long though. We were soon reunited by her coming to me as my Spirit Guide to teach me this work I am now doing.
There is not a day goes by that we don’t talk to each other. It’s almost as if nothing has changed.

A few years after Cathy passed she came to me and said she wanted to tell me what happened the day she passed over (crossed over). At first I said “No! I don’t know if I can do this Cathy.” But then she said in her soft loving way “Get a pen and paper, Darling”. (Everything Cathy said happened to her up until she was in the ambulance was later verified by Barbara.)

Cathy’s Passing- 24/08/97

“Write this down, Sweetheart”

“Now, firstly! I don’t want you getting upset when you hear what I am going to say because you’re the one person I can trust to have the insight and faith to know where I am now and just how happy I am. As you know you rang and said you couldn’t come that day so I rang Barbara and asked her could we go out for lunch and a drive somewhere. While I was waiting for her I was watering the front and slipped over backwards on those rotten slippery pink tiles of mine. I thought I was mainly shaken up more than anything and picked myself up and went inside. It was while I was laying down waiting for Barbara that I noticed the back of my head was very sore and felt it and there was blood there. I still didn’t worry so I got up and went into your bed at the back and lay down there. I wasn’t all that worried, more worried if I still looked alright to go out with Barbara.”

‘When she arrived I started to feel woozy and got up and went back into the lounge when I couldn’t focus right so she made me lay back on my bed again. She said my hair had blood in it, and was I hurting anywhere else. My right (I think) leg started to go into spasm and she rubbed it for a while, and then I knew I was in trouble. All my childhood growing up years flashed in front of me and I could hear my mother calling me. It was so real like I went from the childhood scenes right to the present and my mother kept calling me, “Catherine, Catherine. I’m here Catherine, come to me now, dear.”

“I remember being in the ambulance and the man fussing over me, it was as if I was watching all of this happening to someone else. I can recall not being able to get my breath properly and I would say, other than the recollection of my childhood and my mother calling me, I didn’t really notice much else. Until I finally looked down at the hospital bed.”

“I presumed it was me but it was hard to see who it was with all the tubes and masks and people there. Then I remember, I’d say gliding, ever so easy along (yes, I’d have to say) a tunnel, there was no fear at all, no pain, just a sense of ‘knowing’ where I was going, but no one told me. Then I came to a place, I would have to say is maybe to my knowledge then as it was, a waiting station, something just told me I must wait there just like your ‘knowings’ with your initiations, no one tells you there’s something going to happen but you are waiting, you just ‘know’. And then I was led (by a stranger to me) along a beautiful misty pathway. I really couldn’t see much but I was very aware that I was safe and in the right place. Then I was told to walk on, which I did and then it hit me, ‘The Brilliant, Dazzling Incredible Light.’”

“I don’t have to tell you what I was looking at darling because you know. It was then I felt this most powerful emotion that anyone could ever imagine. I can’t explain the feeling to you because you’ve already said it to me as best you can in human terms or comprehension. But, sweetheart, nothing a human has experienced in their life, no matter how good an emotion or feeling could ever come close to this. You got pretty close though when you said ‘is it pure bliss like being at one with you and God?’ but it’s more darling, so much more.”

“It wasn’t until after that I met my mother. After all those years, that was a very emotional moment for both of us after so many years for me not seeing her. It wasn’t so bad for her though because as I have told you here ‘on the other side’ is another dimension and time stands still so my dear mother wasn’t anywhere near as excited as I was to see her.”

“You said ‘I bet she was proud of you Cathy, how your gift ended up helping so many people’. Well darling, she really was proud of me. We were allowed to have quite a long time together before we had to go onto our allocated next steps (place).”

“As I have already told you I was given the choice of guiding who I would like and I have been with Jeanne my sister from Mornington up until I came to you which, I might add, was much before March when you thought our paths had found each other again. That’s when you found yourself here ‘on the other side’ because of your incredible gift, but I was guiding you in Spirit much before that.”

“We do have a lot of work ahead of us with your healing work and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it with you. Darling you always loved me and looked after me wanting nothing in return. Now it’s my turn to say thank you for being the wonderful, loyal, true friend you always were and always will be. You are so blessed, darling, to have your faith and believe in your own convictions. You ‘knew’ I’d never leave you no matter what.”

“That faith in your beliefs and yourself has bought you here with me right now, hearing from your ‘Cathy’ what happened the day she passed over. Now don’t tell me you sitting here now, hearing me word for word as I speak, and writing it down as I say it, isn’t all you need to know about what is possible when you truly have faith in God.”


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