Eva and Joseph

Have you ever been in the unfortunate situation of losing a loved one unexpectedly and not had the opportunity of saying goodbye? Your loved ones who have passed over feel the same way. Sometimes for years both you and they can’t get passed this fact and neither can move on. Recently I met a wonderful lady who can help both sides do just that, move on. Carmel Wright’s main focus is to connect people to their loved ones on ‘the other side’ especially those that are grieving. There are countless of us who have unfinished business with the one who has gone over. She gives them that chance, just one more time.

Quite often there can be unresolved issues with a family at the time a loved one passes over and I have found through my work that Spirits need to get a messages back here to their loved ones just as much as we do. Whether it be to say I’m sorry for past mistakes or just to let their loved ones know they are happy is so important to them. I find that these ‘Messages of Love’ begin the healing process for many people. Carmel’s clients are always amazed at what information they receive back.

Possibly the simplest way to explain all this is to relate an actual case history of a client, the question and the answers received.

Eva has asked a question through Carmel regarding her father, Joseph who had passed over some 30 years ago.

”Dad I love you and miss you still so much, are you content?”
“Oh yes, I’m very content thank you. In fact, being here in this place is more than I could have ever dreamed of. I have found what it is we all need to know to make us realise just how truly blessed we are. I’m just so excited that my little Eva would be able to get in touch with me in this way, in fact I’m overwhelmed. So thank you dear who ever you are bringing me this wonderful message from my beautiful daughter. Can I just say this to you, my little Eva was always so special to me. I was truly blessed to have the loving family that I did while I was there, and dear could you please let them all know that I am just so very happy now. One day all of my beloved children will know what I am saying is true. Dear could you tell Eva that I’m over my past mistakes, I think she would be very happy to hear that from me, because she was always the very wise one in the family. Could I just mention that Sandra and George were both here to meet me and what a beautiful reunion that was for me I must say. Dear could you thank my beautiful daughter for going to this trouble and finding me in this wonderful way. Could you tell her that just because she doesn’t see me doesn’t mean I’m not around looking after things for her to see she is on the right track.”

“Do you see your parents?”
“I can’t answer that dear.”

“Is John Citizen (name changed) safe to deal with?”
“Well I’m glad you mentioned that because from where I’m watching all is not as it should be with him and I think Eva should give him a wide berth. I’m so pleased she asked me that because the whole situation around him was worrying me.”

“Joseph can you identify yourself to Eva?”
“Yes I can do that dear. In fact it would be my pleasure, because I want Eva to always know I’m happy and watching over her. Could you tell her does she remember the time the coal truck was overloaded and spilled half its load right there in front of us, we all got quite a shock at the time. Could you also tell Eva there’s no apple pie here, that was my favourite sweet, she knew this.”

Carmel then asked Eva for some confirmation and feedback on the channeling.

This is what Eva had to say:

  • George and Sandra: George was Joseph’s brother and Sandra his wife who have both passed over.
  • Joseph’s past mistakes and saying Eva was the wise one: this hit Eva straight away because of a past issue with an adoption of a child.
  • John Citizen: turned out he was trying to do a shifty business deal. So Eva gave him a wide berth through her solicitor.
  • Apple Pie: Joseph grew lots of apple trees so he could make apple cider. Every Saturday Eva’s mother would make an apple cake or pie.
  • The coal truck lost half its load: Eva’s Father-in-Law (also Joseph) drove coal trucks. One day going up a steep hill it was knocked out of gear and the coal truck rolled back down the road spilling half its load.

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