Jim and James and a Dog Named Halo

Sometimes Carmel finds that with this work some messages from Spirit are not as clear-cut as others, but having said that, you will find that EVERY message given will make sense to the person, if not immediately then sometime at a later date.

What is so wonderful about this reading is the sense of humour that the parties share and the obvious love that they had for each other, and still do, beyond the grave. Jim wanted to contact his partner James who died of cancer in May ’98. The message was very clear from start to finish, giving Jim the peace of mind he was looking for that his friend and partner was indeed OK and still had a good sense of humour.

James, did I take too much away from you by being too competent and did I have any regrets and during your time with me?

“Heck no, I needed someone with Jim’s qualities and capabilities. In fact I believe we complemented each other and were (as they say) a match made in Heaven. Could you please make Jim realize that I was at my best once we met and shared all we did? Only problem there was we didn’t have, it seems, enough time with each other. But of course now that I am here in this wondrous place I understand why it was my time to leave there and move on.”

James, were you happy with the way Jim did your funeral or did you think it was over the top?

“No, in fact I watched the whole thing. Tell him I said if ever I wasn’t sure how much I meant to him before (which, by the way, I did). I surely knew it when I saw the fantastic heart wrenching affair at my wake. I would never have dreamt he would do that with the candles. But it wasn’t just that. It was every detail he thought of for me. I wasn’t going to lay down there in no grey suit, no sir, not me. He even had my favourite orchids. Could I just say the biggest thank you for that wonderful send off? The whole day was full of love for me. Thank you my beautiful Jim.

Jim says to tell you that he knows that Bess is with you, but are any of the other dogs who passed over there too?

“Well funnily enough I didn’t have that much to do with that side of things until I had some teaching here first. Could you tell Jim our black Collie HALO was here for me but there were also others I had to take care of that I didn’t know? This is truly an amazing place and could you tell Jim he has plenty of work before him yet before he comes HOME, so until then I will be loving him and watching over him probably a lot better and more capable now than I was when I was sick. Could I mention Jim will be finding someone soon and it’s with my blessing, this union will take place and work?”

James can you identify yourself to Jim?

“Yes I can do that, could you ask Jim does he remember the time the hose got all tangled up and we were both laughing so much about this damn hose. I think that was one of our happiest moments at peace with each other and our plants. Also tell him I said I reckon I’m still the best bloody cook he’ll ever know even though the biscuits did get burnt sometimes.”

Jim confirmed the following:

  • Jim and James always said to each other “If I go first don’t you dare bury me in a suit or I’ll come back and haunt you.”
  • Jim set up a monument for James with photos, flowers and candles and lit a candle every night for James.
  • Jim said normally people don’t have flowers at the funeral of a cancer patient, but because James loved flowers so much Jim made sure there were flowers everywhere including James’ favourites which were orchids.
  • James was a magnificent cook, but sometimes if he had a few drinks he would forget the biscuits in the oven.
  • Jim said before he and James met, James owned a small black collie named Halo.
  • Jim said that the hose tangled on a daily basis when they had to take it down to their chook pen. They were forever getting it tangled up.

Footnote: Jim later sent Carmel a beautiful card in which he thanked her for her support and to quote some of his words: “Your work transforms grief into reassurance”

A year after Carmel’s reading, Jim sent this testimonial:

“Your Work Turns Grief Into Reassurance -  I am compelled to write for the benefit of others who may hesitate for one reason or another to contact Carmel Wright for a reading of a loved one who has passed over. I am the Jim the article ‘Jim and James and a Dog Named Halo’ and it has now been a year since Carmel did that reading and contacted my partner who has gone from my life, at least in the physical sense. I had been a carer for both my parents for years and then James. 1998 was indeed a bad year, firstly my father died and at the same time my mother was in ICU with a ruptured aorta and not expected to live. Then James was taken with cancer. James’ mother, my uncle, my closest friend and my brother in law with cancer. I looked at it all and asked myself why have they all gone and left me here, I slowly but surely started to drink myself to death. November 1998 and the same time in 1999 saw me in hospital and on both occasions was not expected to pull through. But through self healing, healing by beautiful and compassionate friends and a Spirit Guide who was determined that I still had a lot to do, I survived. It took five years to get my health back and during that time there were leaps in my Spiritual Path. Yes James, I did meet someone and how different a relationship it is, of different persuasions, it is such a friendship. It’s like no other I’ve ever known, our connection is Spiritual to the point that we think as one, yet are totally individual people. My healings are getting stronger to the point of one client starting to levitate off the table. After Paul and I went on a journey into the wilderness of the North West, which was life changing and carried us into Mother Earth, it brought our identity as brothers into focus. Since then I have so much energy and I’m painting again in earnest. To you Carmel my dear sweet friend, how can I ever thank you enough for the assurance you gave me through you contacting James and setting me free of the shackles I put upon myself so that I can remember James with the memories of sharing twenty three years with him but moving on with my life until the day I join him. We are all of one tribe and when one hurts the rest carry us along until we have the strength to once again take our place in that tribe.” Jim.

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