Spirit is Spirit – No Matter What Nationality

In this issue the case study spoken about has a very interesting twist. A twist that completely surprised Carmel and proved to her that, Spirit is indeed Spirit, no matter what the nationality.

Detlef had been separated from his mother Erna for 40 years. He had escaped from East Berlin and the ‘Wall’ kept them apart for some 6 years before Detlef came to Australia 34 years ago. He did go back to Germany to celebrate with his mother and brother her 80th birthday. Sadly Erna died on 6th February 2002.

At the time of doing the channeling Carmel had no idea when she passed over, nor that she couldn’t speak a word of English. She also didn’t know where she had died (Berlin) or that she (Carmel) was talking to her the very day she was being buried in Berlin.

Below are some questions asked by Detlef and wife Kim:

Detlef would like to know if you are with his father?
“Yes I most certainly am I am so happy now. It’s an experience I never thought could ever exist and what a wonderful, wonderful moment for us both after so long apart.”

Will Reiner accept and get on with his life and will he join you?
“Well as far as I can ascertain I don’t think he is wise enough to come here yet. I believe he will just mope around until he wakes up that he must try harder, because it’s going to affect all around him and he will realize soon what he is doing to them.”

Erna, do you have any messages for Detlef?

“Please tell Detlef that I am so very happy now and please don’t be sad for me. I am just so happy and dear could you tell him that I am concerned about his health. He must go to another doctor or someone that will tell him all is not right with him. Could you also tell him to look after Kim more because I feel she needs more understanding and love than he is giving her? She is a wonderful person and deserves so much more. Could you also tell Kim that I love her and am so happy here? No words can explain what I feel now.”

Erna, could you identify yourself for Detlef?

  • “Yes dear, I can. Tell Detlef that my old handkerchiefs won’t be needed now. They were my trademark.”
  • Carmel then asked Kim for some confirmation and feedback on the channeling, this is what she had to say:
  • Kim said Erna would be happy to be reunited with Detlef’s father because he passed 40 years ago.
  • Reiner was Detlef’s brother, he lived with and looked after Erna most of her life and is lost without his mother. He now wonders how he can go on.
  • Detlef and Kim have had many ups and downs to do with the way Detlef treats Kim.
    Detlef’s health has been going down for some time now. He has lost a lot of weight.
  • Detlef said his mother always had handkerchiefs with her.
  • Detlef is finally going to go to another doctor after reading his mother’s message.
  • Erna was buried in Germany the day I channeled her. I had no idea she was German, where she had died or when she had died.
  • Detlef said she was buried with one of her favorite handkerchiefs.

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