Eva and Joseph

Have you ever been in the unfortunate situation of losing a loved one unexpectedly and not had the opportunity of saying goodbye? Your loved ones who have passed over feel the same way. Sometimes for years both you and they can’t get passed this fact and neither can move on. Recently I met a wonderful lady who can help both sides do just that, move on. Carmel Wright’s main focus is to connect people to their loved ones on ‘the other side’ especially those that are grieving. There are countless of us who have unfinished business with the one who has gone over. She gives them that chance, just one more time.

Quite often there can be unresolved issues with a family at the time a loved one passes over and I have found through my work that Spirits need to get a messages back here to their loved ones just as much as we do. Whether it be to say I’m sorry for past mistakes or just to let their loved ones know they are happy is so important to them. I find that these ‘Messages of Love’ begin the healing process for many people. Carmel’s clients are always amazed at what information they receive back.

Possibly the simplest way to explain all this is to relate an actual case history of a client, the question and the answers received.

Eva has asked a question through Carmel regarding her father, Joseph who had passed over some 30 years ago.

”Dad I love you and miss you still so much, are you content?”
“Oh yes, I’m very content thank you. In fact, being here in this place is more than I could have ever dreamed of. I have found what it is we all need to know to make us realise just how truly blessed we are. I’m just so excited that my little Eva would be able to get in touch with me in this way, in fact I’m overwhelmed. So thank you dear who ever you are bringing me this wonderful message from my beautiful daughter. Can I just say this to you, my little Eva was always so special to me. I was truly blessed to have the loving family that I did while I was there, and dear could you please let them all know that I am just so very happy now. One day all of my beloved children will know what I am saying is true. Dear could you tell Eva that I’m over my past mistakes, I think she would be very happy to hear that from me, because she was always the very wise one in the family. Could I just mention that Sandra and George were both here to meet me and what a beautiful reunion that was for me I must say. Dear could you thank my beautiful daughter for going to this trouble and finding me in this wonderful way. Could you tell her that just because she doesn’t see me doesn’t mean I’m not around looking after things for her to see she is on the right track.”

“Do you see your parents?”
“I can’t answer that dear.”

“Is John Citizen (name changed) safe to deal with?”
“Well I’m glad you mentioned that because from where I’m watching all is not as it should be with him and I think Eva should give him a wide berth. I’m so pleased she asked me that because the whole situation around him was worrying me.”

“Joseph can you identify yourself to Eva?”
“Yes I can do that dear. In fact it would be my pleasure, because I want Eva to always know I’m happy and watching over her. Could you tell her does she remember the time the coal truck was overloaded and spilled half its load right there in front of us, we all got quite a shock at the time. Could you also tell Eva there’s no apple pie here, that was my favourite sweet, she knew this.”

Carmel then asked Eva for some confirmation and feedback on the channeling.

This is what Eva had to say:

  • George and Sandra: George was Joseph’s brother and Sandra his wife who have both passed over.
  • Joseph’s past mistakes and saying Eva was the wise one: this hit Eva straight away because of a past issue with an adoption of a child.
  • John Citizen: turned out he was trying to do a shifty business deal. So Eva gave him a wide berth through her solicitor.
  • Apple Pie: Joseph grew lots of apple trees so he could make apple cider. Every Saturday Eva’s mother would make an apple cake or pie.
  • The coal truck lost half its load: Eva’s Father-in-Law (also Joseph) drove coal trucks. One day going up a steep hill it was knocked out of gear and the coal truck rolled back down the road spilling half its load.

Bill’s Third Anniversary

Something very touching and incredible happened to me and one of my clients this week. I’ve always been told by my guides that Spirit are very clever and I know that, but sometimes this work I do with my Spirit friends just blows me away.

A few days ago I just happened to run into this former client call Vai, and at first it just seemed quite incidental until our stories unfolded before us, and then quite out of the blue I received a message from Vai’s husband Bill (in Spirit now).

I had already channelled a message from Bill eighteen months previously so Vai already had that inner peace that her husband was indeed OK. But even with that knowledge and wisdom there are still days that are so hard.

Vai and I had run into each other at a very large shopping complex, and as we sat there over coffee she mentioned that it was three years to the day that Bill had died so suddenly of a massive heart attack after walking up the beach from a swim. She had just been out to that same beach and put some flowers there for him.

I do see this lady now and again at different Spiritual Church meetings, and every time I am talking to her I feel her husbands’ presence and energy around us. But of course my work is mainly as a Channeller – I go to the Spirit world for messages, rarely does Spirit use me as a Medium.

As we sat there I was telling Vai how I had been to this shopping centre the previous day and very rarely do I go there two days running, but I had this strange driven desire to go back and check on a jacket I had seen the day before. I just couldn’t get the jacket out of my mind and knew I had to go back and see it again. Not only did I see it, I bought it and as soon as I walked out of the shop I ran straight into Vai.

As our conversation progressed I was astonished to hear this message come through…

“Carmel this is Bill. Can you tell Vai I don’t want her to be sad, and thank you Carmel for looking after her and my boy. Tell Vai I love her and one day we WILL meet again. Vai I’m always close by and you know this is all real by Carmel’s work.”

I sat there holding Vai’s hand, but I was still quite stunned that Bill actually spoke this time, and ofcourse Vai was sitting there with tears streaming down her face because of the message I had just given her.

After we both settled down Vai told me when she dropped her son Adrian off at school that morning that he said to her “Dad’s here with me at school” and Vai replied “Well tell him to go to the shopping centre because I really need him today.”

Exactly one hour later Vai and I ran into each other at the shopping centre.

When the complete story unfolded – what Adrian had said at school, Vai’s reply, Bill’s third anniversary, and me and this great desire to get back to that shopping centre for seemingly no good reason – it was then it all clicked.

As soon as I returned home that day I received a message from my Spirit Guide Cathy.

She said…
“You pieced together the chain of events that were said and occurred, and realised it was Bill that sent you to check on that jacket again so you could give Vai his message. I told you “We” here in Spirit are clever, but so are you to put the jigsaw together.”

Brooke’s Healing Message

Brooke’s Healing Message

In this article I would like to address the subject of healing. There are many various ways to heal a person emotionally, mentally and physically. I want to share with you a different side of healing, and when you read this story you will understand just how powerful ‘mere words’ can be to help someone begin to heal.

My work as a channeller giving messages to and from your relatives and loved ones that are now in spirit, for the most part is inspiring, although it can sometimes involve a lot of pain and grief. But when there is a suicide involved, the pain and grief is tenfold.

This is part of a channelling message I did for a young girl looking for answers as to why her father Greg took his life and the devastating effect it had on her.

These are some of the questions Brooke asked me to ask her father:

Why did he do this?

Didn’t he think of me?

Does he regret it?

Was he in pain?

And the list went on…

So you see, not only did this girl have to deal with the sudden death of her father, but she was also tormented by the fact that he didn’t love her enough to want to stay here.

Brooke’s message from Greg

Greg, your daughter Brooke would like some answers from you. If you could help her she would like to ask you:
Why did you do this? Were you in pain and do you regret it?

“What a hard thing this is for me to do now because I have to make my little girl realize that what I did had nothing to do with my feelings for my family. Brooke, I loved you then as I love you now and can I just say how lucky I am that I can have the chance to tell you how very sorry I am for what I did. I know there is no excuse for what I did, I can see that now but you see Sweetheart when you get depressed your whole sense of wellbeing vanishes and you just can’t think straight or rational, and that is what happened to me that day I fired the gun.”

“If I had known the pain I would cause, I might have taken myself off to hospital, but of course only a person of sound mind would come to that conclusion. You asked me if I regret it. Of course I do. But that doesn’t alter the fact that I did it and just having this chance to tell you I’m so sorry for the pain I caused helps me a great deal.”

“I want you to always remember these words I’m about to say to you. You must not take my silly actions personally because no father could have been so blessed to have a little girl like you. This was my lesson in life I had to overcome and because I made a wrong decision, it does not mean that you can’t go on to have a wonderful life. If I can get through to you it was a sickness growing inside of me, maybe that will help you look at things differently and know that I loved you so much but just couldn’t go on the way I was feeling.”

“Brooke through this message from me now I hope it will give you strength and understanding and that in turn may help you forgive me. I hope so anyway.”

About a month after I did this reading, I received a letter from Brooke:

“Dear Carmel, I just wanted to write to you and thank you for getting in touch with my beautiful dad GREG. It means so much to me that you were able to speak to him on behalf of me, and it helps me to think that by speaking to you, it has helped him in his transition like he said it did. He said that he visits THELMA every now and again. THELMA was our neighbour who passed 2 weeks before dad. So thank you Carmel for helping me deal with his passing. All I wanted was to have him say he loved me, & he did that. I really appreciate everything that you did. “Regards, Brooke Thomson.

And so, Brooke’s healing begins…

Amazing Grace

Because of this channelling work I do and my close contact with the Spirit World, I am often asked to give talks about what I do at different spiritual churches around the Gold Coast.

Back in March, a lady I had come to know through these spiritual meetings asked me if I would contact her son Rick for her.

Even though I did see this lady called Meryl at different church meetings, at the time I did the channelling message for her son. I had no idea that Meryl was a singer and entertainer, or anything about the circumstances surrounding her son’s death, but after the message Meryl told me that Rick died in a car accident 30 years ago at the age of 18.

I have always said Spirit never cease to amaze me, and that is so. This is a classic example.

One of Meryl’s questions to Rick was: -
“Did you know you were going to pass over?”
Rick’s reply was: -
“The accident wasn’t really an accident, everything happens for a GOOD reason and I was prepared for my journey. Right at the end I ‘KNEW’ I was going because I found this information and insight and calm that I was going on a journey and not to be frightened. So I did as I was told.”

Meryl also asked Rick: -
“How do you feel about me singing again, and what was the song you wanted me to learn to sing?”

Rick answered his mother by saying: -

“Mum, if there is something I’m so happy about receiving this beautiful message from you it would be to answer this question for you. Of course you should sing again, and of course you will sing again, for me. I want you to sing AMAZING GRACE for me Mum. I know it’s been done hundreds of times but I want you to know I will be standing beside you when you sing that song next. There’s not one particular song I want you to learn, but I do want to hear you sing AMAZING GRACE for me and be filled with Love and Exhilaration when you do. No Sadness.”

Now – Remembering I did this message in March, unbeknownst to me, a month before in February Meryl was asked to sing AMAZING GRACE at Rick’s Auntie’s funeral.

Meryl told me (after the channelling) that she was under enormous pressure at the funeral and when she sang it she was awful, worst version of AMAZING GRACE she had ever sung, so much so she told friends she wouldn’t sing again.

As soon as Meryl told me what happened with that song at the funeral I understood, and so did she, why Rick wanted her to sing that particular song (he knew what happened that day and he wanted his mother to keep on singing).Not long after receiving her message from Rick, Meryl and I found ourselves at the same church meeting and when they played AMAZING GRACE I looked at her and she looked at me, but we were at opposite sides of the room.

Then as if by fate the same scenario occurred a few weeks later, only this time we were standing next to each other.

As we started to sing the first few lines of AMAZING GRACE Meryl said, “Is he here Carmel?”
I said I didn’t think so, then all of a sudden I knew someone was with me. The energy was so strong. Then I heard a voice say loud and clear “I am here Carmel. Can you tell Mum this one’s for me.”

How Meryl and I got through that song I’ll never know. It was one of the most touching moments I have ever known. Just knowing what Rick said in his channelling message, then following it up by coming to me in church He didn’t come to me the first time Meryl sang AMAZING GRACE because Meryl and I were at opposite sides of the room.

Rick waited for the right time when we were next to each other, so his mother would know he was standing beside her when she sang that song knowing I would relay his message back.

A Brand New Pair of Football Boots

Sometime last year I was at a Spiritual church meeting and a man walked up to me with a lady on his arm and said “This is Carmel. She will be able to help you.” Back then I just didn’t know how profound his words would be, and if this was the last message I ever gave from Spirit, I would be truly satisfied how I helped this lady move on from her pain and grief.

This woman called Vai had lost her husband very suddenly 18 months before, and other than seeing Vai and her son Adrian at church I knew nothing of her circumstances or how her husband passed over. This is a part of Vai’s message to her husband Bill and what transpired after the channeling message touched everyone’s heart, mine included.

Vai and her son Adrian gave me this message for Bill “We want to let you know we still love and miss you very much.”

Bill’s reply was…
“Well can you tell them that I feel exactly the same way about them, although it’s a lot easier for me I guess because I’m here in this beautiful place now, and I have got all the answers to why we had to be separated in this way. I am still watching over my beautiful family, more so now because I know how to guide them better from here. We rode through a few storms together because not too many thought we were suited. But we were suited alright.”

(Vai said this was so true because her and Bill were both from different cultures and backgrounds, and everyone was worried it wouldn’t work)

Bill went on to say:

“I must reassure you of one thing though Sweetheart, and that is up until the time it hit I had no idea what happened. One minute I was just minding my own business then Wham, it hit and I found myself in this glorious place. So don’t go back to the time it happened thinking I must have had pain. I had nothing Sweetheart.”
(Vai said Bill was walking up the beach from a swim when he had a massive heart attack, and her biggest worry was if he suffered a lot of pain.)

Bill finished his message by saying:
“I will always be watching over you and my Beautiful Boy. I love you Sweetheart, both of you. I can still love you just as much from here you know.”

About two months after receiving her channeling message from Bill, one night Vai woke up to find her son’s light on at midnight. She asked Adrian what he was doing and he said “I’m writing a letter to Daddy, so you can give it to Carmel.”

A few days later I gave Bill the message from his son which in part said “I love and miss you Daddy. I’ll be nine soon but I’m very lonely since you left because I don’t have anyone to play with now.”

Bill’s reply was:

“Yes, well isn’t that the message of all messages. Adrian, when you get older I know Mummy will show you this message from me again, and you will read it through different eyes. But for now I want you to know that just because you don’t see me like before, I am still very much your Daddy and still looking after you from a different place. I can do that you know. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is for me to see you play football. By the way Son, when you play next year you will be playing on the Wing where you are best suited.”

After Adrian’s message I asked Vai where he plays football and she said “He doesn’t play football Carmel, in fact he doesn’t play any sport.”

That message was done as I said last year sometime, and recently I bumped into Vai and Adrian at a large shopping centre. Vai had lots of parcels and said “We’ve been shopping,” she took out one parcel and said, “Guess what is in here. Adrian, show Carmel what we just bought.” Sure enough there was a brand new pair of Football Boots.

Vai said to me “Guess what position they have put him in, Carmel?” and I said “On the Wing, Vai.” “Yes, just as Bill said, he is playing on the wing.”

To see the difference in this lovely lady and her son now, compared to when I first met them, makes me realise just how wonderful my work is and I am so grateful that I can heal in this beautiful way.

Jim and James and a Dog Named Halo

Sometimes Carmel finds that with this work some messages from Spirit are not as clear-cut as others, but having said that, you will find that EVERY message given will make sense to the person, if not immediately then sometime at a later date.

What is so wonderful about this reading is the sense of humour that the parties share and the obvious love that they had for each other, and still do, beyond the grave. Jim wanted to contact his partner James who died of cancer in May ’98. The message was very clear from start to finish, giving Jim the peace of mind he was looking for that his friend and partner was indeed OK and still had a good sense of humour.

James, did I take too much away from you by being too competent and did I have any regrets and during your time with me?

“Heck no, I needed someone with Jim’s qualities and capabilities. In fact I believe we complemented each other and were (as they say) a match made in Heaven. Could you please make Jim realize that I was at my best once we met and shared all we did? Only problem there was we didn’t have, it seems, enough time with each other. But of course now that I am here in this wondrous place I understand why it was my time to leave there and move on.”

James, were you happy with the way Jim did your funeral or did you think it was over the top?

“No, in fact I watched the whole thing. Tell him I said if ever I wasn’t sure how much I meant to him before (which, by the way, I did). I surely knew it when I saw the fantastic heart wrenching affair at my wake. I would never have dreamt he would do that with the candles. But it wasn’t just that. It was every detail he thought of for me. I wasn’t going to lay down there in no grey suit, no sir, not me. He even had my favourite orchids. Could I just say the biggest thank you for that wonderful send off? The whole day was full of love for me. Thank you my beautiful Jim.

Jim says to tell you that he knows that Bess is with you, but are any of the other dogs who passed over there too?

“Well funnily enough I didn’t have that much to do with that side of things until I had some teaching here first. Could you tell Jim our black Collie HALO was here for me but there were also others I had to take care of that I didn’t know? This is truly an amazing place and could you tell Jim he has plenty of work before him yet before he comes HOME, so until then I will be loving him and watching over him probably a lot better and more capable now than I was when I was sick. Could I mention Jim will be finding someone soon and it’s with my blessing, this union will take place and work?”

James can you identify yourself to Jim?

“Yes I can do that, could you ask Jim does he remember the time the hose got all tangled up and we were both laughing so much about this damn hose. I think that was one of our happiest moments at peace with each other and our plants. Also tell him I said I reckon I’m still the best bloody cook he’ll ever know even though the biscuits did get burnt sometimes.”

Jim confirmed the following:

  • Jim and James always said to each other “If I go first don’t you dare bury me in a suit or I’ll come back and haunt you.”
  • Jim set up a monument for James with photos, flowers and candles and lit a candle every night for James.
  • Jim said normally people don’t have flowers at the funeral of a cancer patient, but because James loved flowers so much Jim made sure there were flowers everywhere including James’ favourites which were orchids.
  • James was a magnificent cook, but sometimes if he had a few drinks he would forget the biscuits in the oven.
  • Jim said before he and James met, James owned a small black collie named Halo.
  • Jim said that the hose tangled on a daily basis when they had to take it down to their chook pen. They were forever getting it tangled up.

Footnote: Jim later sent Carmel a beautiful card in which he thanked her for her support and to quote some of his words: “Your work transforms grief into reassurance”

A year after Carmel’s reading, Jim sent this testimonial:

“Your Work Turns Grief Into Reassurance -  I am compelled to write for the benefit of others who may hesitate for one reason or another to contact Carmel Wright for a reading of a loved one who has passed over. I am the Jim the article ‘Jim and James and a Dog Named Halo’ and it has now been a year since Carmel did that reading and contacted my partner who has gone from my life, at least in the physical sense. I had been a carer for both my parents for years and then James. 1998 was indeed a bad year, firstly my father died and at the same time my mother was in ICU with a ruptured aorta and not expected to live. Then James was taken with cancer. James’ mother, my uncle, my closest friend and my brother in law with cancer. I looked at it all and asked myself why have they all gone and left me here, I slowly but surely started to drink myself to death. November 1998 and the same time in 1999 saw me in hospital and on both occasions was not expected to pull through. But through self healing, healing by beautiful and compassionate friends and a Spirit Guide who was determined that I still had a lot to do, I survived. It took five years to get my health back and during that time there were leaps in my Spiritual Path. Yes James, I did meet someone and how different a relationship it is, of different persuasions, it is such a friendship. It’s like no other I’ve ever known, our connection is Spiritual to the point that we think as one, yet are totally individual people. My healings are getting stronger to the point of one client starting to levitate off the table. After Paul and I went on a journey into the wilderness of the North West, which was life changing and carried us into Mother Earth, it brought our identity as brothers into focus. Since then I have so much energy and I’m painting again in earnest. To you Carmel my dear sweet friend, how can I ever thank you enough for the assurance you gave me through you contacting James and setting me free of the shackles I put upon myself so that I can remember James with the memories of sharing twenty three years with him but moving on with my life until the day I join him. We are all of one tribe and when one hurts the rest carry us along until we have the strength to once again take our place in that tribe.” Jim.

A Message of Love from a Son to his Mother

A ‘Message of Love’ from a Son to his Mother

The only thing we can be assured of in this world is that at some stage we are going to die. Death is such a tragedy, it can often pull families apart due to one’s degree of grieving. This is one such story of Kai and her son Anthony and it is quite simply just another of the many case histories that greet Carmel Wright every week.

Anthony, your mother Kai misses you very much and would like to know if you are happy.

“Yes, I am very happy and could you tell her I miss her but I’m really happy now. I don’t want her to keep grieving for me the way she is, because I see her and I feel quite helpless because that’s not what I want for her.”

“Could you tell her I’ve found my peace here and what happened to me had to happen for a reason, Could you please tell her my Hi-Fi should almost be worn out by now the way she uses it.”

“Tell her I’m watching over her always and I don’t think she should go to my grave site so much because I have moved on from there and I don’t think it’s good for her to do that so often. She thinks that will bring me closer to her but I know it’s not doing her any good. Mum, I want you to be happy and I need to know that you’ll do what I’m saying because I am really where I belong now.”

“I love you Mum and could you tell Jason to get on with his life too, because what happened to me had nothing to do with him. Mum, I’m so pleased this lady has given me the chance to finally tell you that I’m happy and that you must let go of all your sadness. If you knew how happy I am here you would be laughing all day, not crying. Please mum, do this for me because I have to know you will understand it was my time to come here and learn what I have to do.”

Anthony, can you identify yourself to your mother?

“Yes, I can do that. My little blue cap that I had at school is still in the same drawer where I left it. Mum hasn’t touched it. In fact I think it’s nice for you to have some memories mum but you are still holding onto too much that won’t be needed anymore. Have a clean out mum, because no matter what you do or where you go just know I love you and you were the best mother in the world. Keep my blue cap though mum, I’d like you to keep that. I love you mum, but you must also move on now, it’s time.”
- ANTHONY. (He said, ‘Could you put some kisses?) xxxxxxx

Carmel then asked Kai for some confirmation and feedback on the channelling. These are the results:

  • Kai was grieving so much for her son Anthony, she went to the cemetery every second day for five years.
  • Kai kept Anthony’s stereo and used it almost every day.
  • Jason is Anthony’s brother, he asked if he could have the stereo, but Kai said she would never part with it.
  • When Anthony was overseas his letters to his mother always included lots of kisses.
  • Anthony’s little blue school cap was still in the drawer in his room.
  • Anthony passed over aged 34 from Meningitis.
  • Kai sent a message to tell me she has found her peace now, and only goes to the cemetery once a month.
  • Her family said to thank me because they now have their mother back.

Spirit is Spirit – No Matter What Nationality

In this issue the case study spoken about has a very interesting twist. A twist that completely surprised Carmel and proved to her that, Spirit is indeed Spirit, no matter what the nationality.

Detlef had been separated from his mother Erna for 40 years. He had escaped from East Berlin and the ‘Wall’ kept them apart for some 6 years before Detlef came to Australia 34 years ago. He did go back to Germany to celebrate with his mother and brother her 80th birthday. Sadly Erna died on 6th February 2002.

At the time of doing the channeling Carmel had no idea when she passed over, nor that she couldn’t speak a word of English. She also didn’t know where she had died (Berlin) or that she (Carmel) was talking to her the very day she was being buried in Berlin.

Below are some questions asked by Detlef and wife Kim:

Detlef would like to know if you are with his father?
“Yes I most certainly am I am so happy now. It’s an experience I never thought could ever exist and what a wonderful, wonderful moment for us both after so long apart.”

Will Reiner accept and get on with his life and will he join you?
“Well as far as I can ascertain I don’t think he is wise enough to come here yet. I believe he will just mope around until he wakes up that he must try harder, because it’s going to affect all around him and he will realize soon what he is doing to them.”

Erna, do you have any messages for Detlef?

“Please tell Detlef that I am so very happy now and please don’t be sad for me. I am just so happy and dear could you tell him that I am concerned about his health. He must go to another doctor or someone that will tell him all is not right with him. Could you also tell him to look after Kim more because I feel she needs more understanding and love than he is giving her? She is a wonderful person and deserves so much more. Could you also tell Kim that I love her and am so happy here? No words can explain what I feel now.”

Erna, could you identify yourself for Detlef?

  • “Yes dear, I can. Tell Detlef that my old handkerchiefs won’t be needed now. They were my trademark.”
  • Carmel then asked Kim for some confirmation and feedback on the channeling, this is what she had to say:
  • Kim said Erna would be happy to be reunited with Detlef’s father because he passed 40 years ago.
  • Reiner was Detlef’s brother, he lived with and looked after Erna most of her life and is lost without his mother. He now wonders how he can go on.
  • Detlef and Kim have had many ups and downs to do with the way Detlef treats Kim.
    Detlef’s health has been going down for some time now. He has lost a lot of weight.
  • Detlef said his mother always had handkerchiefs with her.
  • Detlef is finally going to go to another doctor after reading his mother’s message.
  • Erna was buried in Germany the day I channeled her. I had no idea she was German, where she had died or when she had died.
  • Detlef said she was buried with one of her favorite handkerchiefs.

Carmel and Cathy – A Bond Like No Other

For those of you that don’t know me my name is Carmel Wright and I am a Channeller and Medium, located on the Gold Coast, Australia. Most days my work involves giving messages to your relatives and loved ones that have passed over and are now in Spirit, and passing on messages from them to you. In order to do this wonderful work I need my guides to show and teach me how to do this.

This is a beautiful story about my guide Cathy…

I first met Cathy in 1995. She was a very well known and respected clairvoyant here on the Gold Coast, and I went to her for a reading. From that very first meeting, Cathy and I became very close and spent a lot of time together, especially on Sundays, that was ‘our’ day. On this particular Sunday I wasn’t feeling very well so I called her to say I couldn’t make it. In the meantime Cathy rang another friend called Barbara to say “Carmel can’t make it, will you go to lunch instead?” On that same Sunday afternoon my phone rang and it was Barbara calling to say Cathy had died. She had passed away in the Gold Coast Hospital at 2pm from heart failure.

That was many years ago.

Cathy and I weren’t apart for very long though. We were soon reunited by her coming to me as my Spirit Guide to teach me this work I am now doing.
There is not a day goes by that we don’t talk to each other. It’s almost as if nothing has changed.

A few years after Cathy passed she came to me and said she wanted to tell me what happened the day she passed over (crossed over). At first I said “No! I don’t know if I can do this Cathy.” But then she said in her soft loving way “Get a pen and paper, Darling”. (Everything Cathy said happened to her up until she was in the ambulance was later verified by Barbara.)

Cathy’s Passing- 24/08/97

“Write this down, Sweetheart”

“Now, firstly! I don’t want you getting upset when you hear what I am going to say because you’re the one person I can trust to have the insight and faith to know where I am now and just how happy I am. As you know you rang and said you couldn’t come that day so I rang Barbara and asked her could we go out for lunch and a drive somewhere. While I was waiting for her I was watering the front and slipped over backwards on those rotten slippery pink tiles of mine. I thought I was mainly shaken up more than anything and picked myself up and went inside. It was while I was laying down waiting for Barbara that I noticed the back of my head was very sore and felt it and there was blood there. I still didn’t worry so I got up and went into your bed at the back and lay down there. I wasn’t all that worried, more worried if I still looked alright to go out with Barbara.”

‘When she arrived I started to feel woozy and got up and went back into the lounge when I couldn’t focus right so she made me lay back on my bed again. She said my hair had blood in it, and was I hurting anywhere else. My right (I think) leg started to go into spasm and she rubbed it for a while, and then I knew I was in trouble. All my childhood growing up years flashed in front of me and I could hear my mother calling me. It was so real like I went from the childhood scenes right to the present and my mother kept calling me, “Catherine, Catherine. I’m here Catherine, come to me now, dear.”

“I remember being in the ambulance and the man fussing over me, it was as if I was watching all of this happening to someone else. I can recall not being able to get my breath properly and I would say, other than the recollection of my childhood and my mother calling me, I didn’t really notice much else. Until I finally looked down at the hospital bed.”

“I presumed it was me but it was hard to see who it was with all the tubes and masks and people there. Then I remember, I’d say gliding, ever so easy along (yes, I’d have to say) a tunnel, there was no fear at all, no pain, just a sense of ‘knowing’ where I was going, but no one told me. Then I came to a place, I would have to say is maybe to my knowledge then as it was, a waiting station, something just told me I must wait there just like your ‘knowings’ with your initiations, no one tells you there’s something going to happen but you are waiting, you just ‘know’. And then I was led (by a stranger to me) along a beautiful misty pathway. I really couldn’t see much but I was very aware that I was safe and in the right place. Then I was told to walk on, which I did and then it hit me, ‘The Brilliant, Dazzling Incredible Light.’”

“I don’t have to tell you what I was looking at darling because you know. It was then I felt this most powerful emotion that anyone could ever imagine. I can’t explain the feeling to you because you’ve already said it to me as best you can in human terms or comprehension. But, sweetheart, nothing a human has experienced in their life, no matter how good an emotion or feeling could ever come close to this. You got pretty close though when you said ‘is it pure bliss like being at one with you and God?’ but it’s more darling, so much more.”

“It wasn’t until after that I met my mother. After all those years, that was a very emotional moment for both of us after so many years for me not seeing her. It wasn’t so bad for her though because as I have told you here ‘on the other side’ is another dimension and time stands still so my dear mother wasn’t anywhere near as excited as I was to see her.”

“You said ‘I bet she was proud of you Cathy, how your gift ended up helping so many people’. Well darling, she really was proud of me. We were allowed to have quite a long time together before we had to go onto our allocated next steps (place).”

“As I have already told you I was given the choice of guiding who I would like and I have been with Jeanne my sister from Mornington up until I came to you which, I might add, was much before March when you thought our paths had found each other again. That’s when you found yourself here ‘on the other side’ because of your incredible gift, but I was guiding you in Spirit much before that.”

“We do have a lot of work ahead of us with your healing work and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it with you. Darling you always loved me and looked after me wanting nothing in return. Now it’s my turn to say thank you for being the wonderful, loyal, true friend you always were and always will be. You are so blessed, darling, to have your faith and believe in your own convictions. You ‘knew’ I’d never leave you no matter what.”

“That faith in your beliefs and yourself has bought you here with me right now, hearing from your ‘Cathy’ what happened the day she passed over. Now don’t tell me you sitting here now, hearing me word for word as I speak, and writing it down as I say it, isn’t all you need to know about what is possible when you truly have faith in God.”