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Psychic Detective Work

With this work I do as a Medium, I find it has many different aspects to it. By me talking freely to your relatives in the spirit world helps people in so many ways. It brings closure to some, healing to others, but more importantly the messages received give my clients the validation they have been searching for to know without a doubt that their loved ones (now in spirit) are very happy and indeed okay.

Over the years I have written many articles regarding my work and give insight to the messages I receive for you from your relatives, and each and every message I have ever done still remains close to my heart.

But I have to say without a doubt the most powerful and reassuring messages I do receive are from MURDER VICTIMS.

People often say to me “Don’t you get upset when you talk to these victims of crime?” and the answer is No – I go beyond that point and feel their peace and love they are experiencing now that they are in Spirit.

What comes through with all of these MURDER VICTIMS is that first and foremost they provide me with clues to the perpetrator that took their lives and fresh information needed to help the police track down these undesirable characters.

It’s obvious that not all murders or missing persons will be solved, but the ones I have dealt with for some reason give me all the information that is needed to start the ball rolling and give police new and vital information that only these victims know.

I have always kept this side of my work very private and not written any published articles about this detective work I do, but I feel the time is right to help the families of any one missing presumed murdered, to contact me and hopefully I may gain some insight for the police with new information needed to solve these cases.

In the past these MURDER VICTIMS have always come to me and found me to get their ‘MESSAGE’ across, I have never gone looking for them. I have always said the Spirit World never ceases to amaze me and that is so.

As I said previously, not all murder cases will be solved, some take years if at all, as is the case of the BEAUMONT CHILDREN who went missing in 1966.

My guides have told me there is a VERY GOOD REASON these bodies are not to be found for years, but I’m yet to learn or understand the reason.

In closing this article I would like to include part of a message from a fourteen year old murder victim who told her parents via me “You just always remember me as I am now talking to Carmel, so very much at peace now. That is of the utmost importance to me that you know that, but this man will have to answer for what he did to me that day.”

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carmel wright psychic medium gold coast cold cases detective work media

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