Messages of Love at Twin Towns RSL


Recently I did a show at TWIN TOWNS R.S.L. to bring through my ‘MESSAGES OF LOVE’ from the Spirit World. Even though I know to trust in them (my Spirit friends) and myself, by doing such a big show like this, when I hear the messages come through right on cue I still stand there in amazement and wonder as to how special this work really is.

Just a week before this show was to go on I was still very busy with other things going on in my life, plus two interstate trips when I least expected it, and I was beginning to wonder if the timing was right, when out of the blue my beautiful Spirit Guide CATHY said to me, “Now about this show of yours coming up, we’re all organized here on this side”. Quite frankly she cracked me up when she said that, so I thought at least they’re organized, so I’d better just settle down and TRUST.

Carmel Wright Psychic Medium Clairvoyant Readings Gold Coast Twin Towns

In between my Spirit Messages, I also told some stories of past readings I had done from the Spirit World, some of those people were in the audience, some weren’t. Through this work, I have come across many fascinating and interesting stories, so I included some of these on the night which were truly inspiring to let us know that no matter what, we must always keep our FAITH and know we are being guided.

Many wonderful ‘MESSAGES OF LOVE” came through that night and the validations were there every time, So much so at one stage I remember saying to the audience “sometimes I just amaze myself” But of course it’s not me at all because I’m just THE MESSENGER and I relate word for word what your relatives in Spirit are telling me. I would like to say thank you to a little 8 year old girl called Ali, who is going through chemotherapy for leukemia for letting me tell her story. This was truly inspiring and just shows us how our Spirit friends and Guide are right beside us helping in every way they can.

carmel wright psychic medium clairvoyant readings twin towns messages of love

This show was wonderful in so many ways, the validations bought closure to some, hope for others, but more importantly gave a greater understanding that it’s only “THEIR OLD OVERCOATS” at the gravesite or cemetery, your loved one’s have long moved on from there, and are quite happy to let you know that at my shows.


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