“Dear Carmel, thought I’d just write and let you know what’s happened since my reading with you on 24th May. I did go to my school re-union; it was great to catch up with family and friends. While I was there I woke up with the sorest knee (left I might add just as you said)  I received $1,200.00 in one of my bank accounts (you said I was going to receive a lump sum). That was great, I’m keeping it like you said to do. Recently I stayed with a girlfriend; she’s just done a Tafe course in beauty, nails, waxing and tinting. She handed me a brochure about it and straight away I thought I’d love to do that (you said a friend would hand me a brochure). I am starting to do a course soon. You said in my reading that I have a lot ahead of me before I own my own salon, so this may be the further study you said I would be doing. I asked you to bring in “my mother” from ‘Spirit’. At the start you were making puffing sounds like someone smoking, and you asked me if she smoked, well I didn’t know but she WAS a smoker before she got sick. You also mentioned she said to tell me Thank you “Sweetheart”
Well I was quite sure she called me Darling, so when I got home. I went through the letters she wrote and sure enough at the end of every letter it said “Sweetheart”.You also said she said 14 years is a long time, when we were reading the letters it was then we realized it was 14 years from the time I found out she was my birth Mum, to the time I met her for the first time, It was 14 long years of wondering (who, what where & why) Thank you so much for giving me such a great reading, I loved every minute of it and I’ll book to see you again. Thanks Carmel.” Vicki

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